Barclays is offering its residential mortgage customers in the UK up to £2000 to make energy-efficient improvements to their properties such as solar panels.


Who can claim the Green Home Reward?

The Greener Home Reward offers up to £2000 for those who are Barclays mortgage customers and register online and later complete certain improvements such as solar panels, heat pumps or home insulation products. The installations of these products must be from TrustMark registered contractors.

The cashback amount will vary depending on the type of energy-efficient improvement that is made to the home. For solar panels, solar water heating or solar battery storage, the reward is up to £1000. For air or ground source heat pumps the reward is £2000.

The pilot is an innovative solution to help make sustainable changes in your home more affordable.

A recent survey commissioned by Barclays found that 73% of people named cost as a primary barrier preventing them from implementing large scale renewable improvements within their property. However if the cost barrier was removed through a cash reward system then 83% would be encouraged enough to implement energy efficient and renewable systems.

Barclays found that the installation of solar panels and solar water heating were the top priorities among the 2000 property owners surveyed. Find out more about the Greener Home Reward Scheme here.


How can we help? (We are a TrustMark registered contractor)

We are a TrustMark registered contractor (which means we are covered by the Barclays scheme) and install energy efficient solutions for homes in and around Cambridgeshire. We install solar panels, air-source and ground-source heat pumps, all covered in the scheme.

If you would like to find more about our solar panel installations for homes in Cambridgeshire or our heat pump installations for your home then get in touch with us here.