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Our 5-star rated electrical technicians are highly experienced in delivering eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative energy solutions for homes across Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.

From consultation to installation, our experts are here to provide minimal fuss and design your solar panel system for optimal performance and reduced running costs. Talk to us about installing a solar PV system to convert the sun’s rays into free power for your property.

Solar PV panels are suitable for most homes and are a great investment for the future, allowing you to benefit from reduced electricity bills and protect against rising fuel prices. In April 2022 the government scrapped VAT on PV installations, making them even more cost-effective.

For properties with air and ground source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points they are the final piece of the eco-friendly jigsaw, providing planet-friendly power to make a property truly eco-friendly.

The benefits of installing a solar-panel

No VAT to pay

Energy savings

Generate free, clean and sustainable energy from day one for your home.

Environmentally friendly

Enjoy greener and self-sustainable energy for you and your home.

Smooth installation

We are MCS certified and expertly design & plan the whole process.

Ground source heat pumps<br />

Lowering your energy bills with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels

Using nature to power your home or business is the perfect solution for lowering energy bills and addressing environmental concerns. A great way to achieve this is by installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a fit-and-forget approach which effortlessly turns sunlight into free, clean electricity.

Solar PV panels are suitable for most homes and are a great investment for the future, allowing you to benefit from reduced electricity bills and protect against rising fuel prices. We’re also finding that they are a popular choice for people keen to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy or for those working from home long-term, who are best placed to make use of free electricity during the day.

The systems produce power even on gloomy days and don’t need direct sunlight to work. However, the stronger the sunlight and the longer the daylight hours the more electricity will be generated. Talk to us about installing solar panels to your home in or around Cambridgeshire.

Ground source heat pumps<br />
Storing or selling excess energy: Battery storage and The Smart Export Guarantee<br />

Storing or selling excess energy: Battery storage and The Smart Export Guarantee

If you have a heat pump, or charge an electric vehicle overnight, a solar power battery storage system would be a great choice.

On sunny days PV systems are likely to produce more power than a property requires. We therefore advise customers to consider, if they wish to sell excess power back to the National Grid or store unused electricity for use later on.

We can help with this decision but it’s worth thinking about how your household works, for example are most people home during the day and therefore using the solar power as it’s generated or is most electricity used during the evenings/after dark?

To access the SEG scheme you must use a Microgeneration Certification Scheme member such as Infinite Heating & Energy to ensure eligibility.

    How we install solar panels to homes

    Typical installations comprise some 15 panels, each generating around 335W of power in strong sunlight. The power generated is direct current (DC), which has to be converted to alternating current (AC) for household use. This is achieved via a converter installed alongside the PV system.

    Generally, planning permission is not required because solar PV panels are considered ‘permitted development’. However, there are exceptions so we advise checking with your local planning office, particularly if you live in a listed building, conservation area or national park.

    So with reduced installations costs, the opportunity to generate free, clean electricity and the chance to sell surplus power back to the National Grid, what’s not to love?


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    FAQs on Solar Panels Installations in Cambridge

    How long does it take to install solar panels?

    Installing solar panels is a quick and easy process that typically requires around 3 days from start to finish. Once scaffolding has been erected usually a couple of days prior, our Solar PV installation team will work quickly to mount the panels onto your roof. The inverter then needs to be attached with all internal wiring put in place – allowing you to make use of the eco-friendly energy right away.

    Does my roof need to be South-facing for solar panels to work?

    Take advantage of South-facing roofs when installing Solar Panels for maximum efficiency, as they will generate the most electricity. However, panels installed on East or West facing surfaces still offer great performance.

    How much roof space do I need for solar panels?

    For most homes, an 8-panel Solar PV system will meet their electricity needs without taking up too much of the roof’s space. Whether you have a detached, semi-detached or terraced home, solar panels can work for you.

    Do solar panels need regular sunshine to work?

    Sun isn’t constantly necessary for your solar panels to keep doing their job – they actually work best in cooler settings with temperatures around 10c. Too much heat can cause the efficiency of these panels to drop, so don’t worry if you live under a cloudy sky.

    Do solar panels need cleaning?

    While one of the extra great benefits of solar panels is that they are self-cleaning we still recommend annual visual inspections. Some professional window cleaners may also be able to help maintain the cleanliness.

    How much do solar panels cost?

    Every house is different, so every installation is different but typically for an 8 panel installation prices start at £7500.00 for a basic solar installation. With a storage battery, prices start from £12,000.00.

    What brand of solar panels do you supply?

    The panel is a key component to the design so we only use market leading brands including Eurena, Jinko and Trina. Which brand we choose will depend on which is the best fit to suit the project design. We will design your installation around the panels that best meet your needs.

    What guarantees will my Solar Panels come with?

    Typically, 10 to 15 years on product warranty and 15 to 25 years on output warranty.

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