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Infinite Heating & Energy are specialists when it comes to making your home more eco-friendly and cost-effective – and this extends to supporting our clients throughout Cambridgeshire and East Anglia with the installation of electric vehicle home charging wallboxes.

Sales of electric vehicles in the UK are booming, with more electric vehicles registered in March 2022 than in the whole of 2019, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

With such tremendous growth – no doubt fuelled by rising fuel prices – comes the increased need for charging facilities, and it’s here that we can step in to help ensure your new eco-friendly car is fully charged and ready to go when you need it.

To book an EV wallbox installation for your home in or around Cambridgeshire or to find out more info get in touch with us here.

The benefits of installing EV charger

No VAT to pay

Energy savings

Generate free, clean and sustainable energy from day one for your home.

Environmentally friendly

Enjoy greener and self-sustainable energy for you and your home.

Smooth installation

We are MCS certified and expertly design & plan the whole process.

Wallbox charger installation in just 2 hours<br />
Not only does this allow you to take complete advantage of your car’s mileage range, it can also help reduce reliance on increasingly busy public charging points.</p>

Wallbox charger installation in just 2 hours

Installing an electric vehicle home charging unit (wallbox) is the perfect way to guarantee your car is fully charged each day. They can take as little as two hours to install and deliver peace of mind that each morning you can leave home with a full battery.

Not only does this allow you to take complete advantage of your car’s mileage range, it can also help reduce reliance on increasingly busy public charging points.

Wallbox charger installation in just 2 hours Not only does this allow you to take complete advantage of your car’s mileage range, it can also help reduce reliance on increasingly busy public charging points.
Solar powered EV wallboxes<br />

Solar powered EV wallboxes

Home charging is often more economical, too, particularly if your domestic electricity supplier offers discounted overnight EV rates. Or, to be truly green and slash your motoring costs, install a solar PV-compatible wallbox and power your car for free from the sun’s rays.

To find out if your home would be suitable for a solar powered EV charging point please get in touch.

All power supplies available: Type 1, Type 2, 3kW or 7kW

There are a range of chargers available for domestic use, all are typically wall-mounted and weatherproof for outdoor siting. We install chargers to suit all vehicles both in type 1 and 2 categories and at 3kW and 7kW. If you’re unsure which unit you need, don’t worry, we’re here to help.


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Martin Sharpe


“Highly Recommend”

Josh and his team installed a ground source heat pump system and provided a friendly, reliable and efficient install. It is now over a year and all is going really well and provides all we need for heating and hot water all year round. We have just had a service and once again excellent service. We highly recommend

Euan Kidd



There is never anything less than an immediate, polite, sensible response from this company. We have had minor queries down to our lack of awareness and they have always responded in a positive helpful manner.

Mike White

Papworth Everard


Heat pump and solar installation all went very well. Everyone that worked at the house was great, really thought through the different options. Aftercare has also been good. Would use again and definitely recommend!

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EV Home Charging FAQs

Shouldn’t I just use the supplied charging cable that fits into a domestic plug socket?

Many electric vehicles are supplied with home charging cables that can be plugged into a domestic plug socket. However, this will take far longer (the maximum charge rate is 3kW, delivering approximately 3-5 miles or range per hour) to fully charge the vehicle – up to 24 hours in some cases – and may require the use of an extension cable, which some manufacturers do not support due to safety concerns. We therefore recommend investing in a higher rated charger to ensure your car battery is always topped up.

Do I need 3kW or 7kW charger?

We supply wall chargers in 3kW or 7kW power rating options. The higher rated chargers have a higher installation cost but charge far faster (in some cases twice as fast), taking a 3kW 13 hour charge down to around 6 hours, for example.
Vehicles themselves have two variants of charging sockets, generally dependent upon their date of manufacturer. Older vehicles are normally Type 1, with a maximum charge speed of 7.4kW. The Type 2 socket is found on more modern electric cars and offers a charging speed of 7.4kW on a standard single-phase supply or up to 22kW on a three-phase supply (usually found in larger properties). Not all cars can currently accept 22kW charging but a Type 2 socket may be a wise choice if you wish to future-proof your car charging set-up.

I have a small driveway - is there space?

Charging stations can either be attached to either an external wall or a freestanding pole in order to best accommodate the space available.

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